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Jewelry Care / Size

Example of Men's Necklace Size - Model is 5'11 - 185 pounds 

Example of Women Necklace Size - Model is 5'6 - 125 pounds

Charm Size Chart:

Jewelry Care:

Want to restore the natural beauty to all of your Sterling Silver and Nickel Silver jewelry items?  Even items not purchased from The Run Home?  Sunshine Polishing Cloths are now available for purchase!  See Below for Product Description.  CLICK HERE for purchase. 
How to care for and store your new jewelry. 
Each Sterling Silver and Nickel Silver piece comes in a polyethlyne bag with a small sample Sunshine Polishing Cloth.  To remove light dirt, fingerprints or make-up, simply rinse with water, dry thoroughly with any cotton cloth (towel or t-shirt) then rub the dry jewelry with the Sunshine Cloth to polish and shine. 
For quick cleanups, simply rub the jewelry with the Sunshine Cloth. 
When not wearing your jewelry, make sure it is completely dry, then store it with the polishing cloth in the bag it arrived in.
Keep bag sealed until the next time you plan on wearing your jewelry again.
How to care for Microfiber Suede Lace:
This "suede" is actually made from specially treated microfibers -- it will NOT crack, weather, or smell. It looks just like leather, only better! It lasts longer, and it's cruelty free!
To wash your new Microfiber Suede, please remove your nickel or pewter pendant from the microfiber wrap then hand wash in warm. soapy water.  Let it air dry.  Enjoy for years to come! 
How to care for Nickel Silver Jewelry:
Nickel Silver (sometimes referred to as German Silver) does not rust or tarnish.  However, over time it can look dingy and form a green patina (owing to its copper content).  To brighten up your Nickel Silver Pendant, simply rub the dry Nickel Silver piece with the Sunshine Polishing Cloth provided. 
Sunshine Polishing Cloth Instructions:
Sunshine Polishing Cloths are the same cloths I use to polish every Sterling Silver and Nickel Silver Pendant from The Run Home.  Every Sterling Silver and Nickel Silver jewelry item from The Run Home comes with a sample Sunshine Polishing Cloth tucked inside the ziplock bag it arrives in.
Sterling Silver will tarnish over time. Exposure to air and lack of use make the conditions perfect for tarnishing. Sterling Silver Jewelry items should be worn often. Natural wear will give it a beautiful patina and it will also minimize tarnishing. When you are not wearing your item from The Run Home, store it in the Ziplock baggie it arrived in to lock out the air. Sterling Silver pieces will all arrive with a 3M Anti Tarnish Tab to minimize tarnish. When tarnish does begin to develop, gently rub the dry Sterling Silver piece with the Sunshine Polishing Cloth to restore the natural shine!
Nickel Silver does not tarnish but over time it can look dingy and form a green patina. Simply rub with the Sunshine Polishing Cloth to restore the natural beauty!
I have been so happy with the Sunshine Polishing Cloths, I wanted to offer them to my customers for all their Jewelry, even items not from The Run Home! They make polishing a breeze! The result is a mirror-like finish with very little effort. Each cloth is a 7 1/2 x 5 inch chamois style cloth that has been impregnated with a microabrasive powder material that acts as the polishing agent. Over time the cloth will start to look grey, and then black, as it takes off the tarnish. You can use these until they are jet-black. When your Sunshine polishing Cloth is completely black, simply throw it out.
Each Sunshine Polishing Cloth will arrive in a small Ziplock bag with an instruction card.
The official instructions for these cloths are:
Keeps your jewelry looking new! Safely cleans jewelry, gold, silver, brass, copper, glass, mirrors and most other surfaces, leaving a deep, long-lasting lustre. Directions: Rub surface to be polished with medium pressure. Non-scratching polishing and cleaning action works until cloth is completely darkened. Do not wash cloth. Made in Japan.